Day 196 August 3 2011 - History

Day 196 August 3 2011 - History

President Barack Obama has lunch with a group of advisors who worked on the debt negotiations, at Good Stuff Eatery in Washington, D.C., Aug. 3, 2011. Seated clockwise with the President are: Bruce Reed, Chief of Staff to the Vice President; OMB Director Jack Lew; Nancy-Ann DeParle, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy; National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling; and Rob Nabors, Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs.

Day 196: Ross' Top 10 Places to See in Porto

My host, Cati and her chihuahuas, Chapo and Nacha.

As finely nuanced as its wines, Porto is a curious bouquet of small town culture flourishing in a big city atmosphere. Walking through its bustling shopping streets, smelling the pastries from the numerous cafes, exploring historic landmarks, and savoring the sun set with a glass of Porto are some of my favorite experiences. Geographically Porto is a gem, benefitting from the river's calm energy and 20 minutes from the beach by metro. It has hills, but unlike Lisboa there only two. On the CS forums a CouchSurfer asked people's opinions as to whether they would rather live in Lisboa or Porto. Having just come from Lisboa I thought it a great comparison. Essentially, Porto feels more like a cozy home town, while Lisboa feels like a bustling city. Lisboa has more to see in terms of museums, landmarks, and nightlife, but Porto has a subtle mellow flavor that I came to cherish. It's difficult to describe, but while drinking wine overlooking the river with the old ships and red roofs, you will understand.

A romantic collection of buildings along the Douro River.

The people in Porto are also warm and friendly and generally speak decent English. In fact, I had the easiest time communicating in Portugal out of all the countries I've visited. Spanish isn't as widely spoken as I thought it would be, but if English fails it's a good back-up.

I clogged up my host's hallway in Porto for 11 days, 6 days longer than I planned. The delay was due to a plane ticket I bought on a whim, but I was lucky to stay an additional few days because I had a number of remarkable experiences. Since I spent so long in Porto I did a lot, thusly I'm excited to share my 10 favorite experiences in Porto.

A hugely significant landmark that I nearly missed! I knew about Casa de Musica before I came to Porto because Stephen Sagmeister designed a brilliant identity system for it. When I discovered it was in Porto I freaked out a little bit. Immediately I went and took the guided tour (𔚻) and felt like I was somewhere in between a posh concert hall and Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. Later that night I returned for the Balkan Brass Battle (󌌽) in which I experienced the hall's supreme acoustics I learned about during the tour and danced like a nut for two hours.

The Casa was built to give Porto an architectural identity.
Being inside is like walking through a spaceship.
Ingenious double glass walls allow light in but insulate from outside noise.
The 'orange ramp room' is the favorite of children.
Next door, the 'purple room' serves as a daycare during performances.
The purple room has an awesome view of the auditorium.

I've already gone into great detail about my obsession with Portuguese pastries and it's worth mentioning again. Never had I been to cafés as often as when I was in Porto (and I'm at cafés leeching WIFI a lot!). Nearly every morning my host and I would get a morning coffee before she went to school, and we would cap off every night with a café. Going out for just a coffee may seem silly because it's an unnecessary expense, but the experience of getting out, sitting on the street, being social, and enjoying the weather is well worth the 𔚹 for a café. Plus, it's a good excuse to order a few pastries.

Yes, of course I ate them all in one day.
Blaos de Mel is made from yesterday's pastries and was my favorite!

A short ride on the metro, Porto doesn't have the nicest beach, but it sure beats the Jersey Shore. Whether you're going to work on your tan or brave enough to go for a swim, it's nice to have a beach so close. My host brought her two chihuahuas when we went and they ran around like crazy little dogs they are. I went for a swim and after my body went numb, the water wasn't so cold.

Super Chapo.
He only had one thing on his doggy mind.

An excellent contemporary art museum surrounded by a lush garden makes for a great place to spend a day off. Although they only had one exhibit I enjoyed the experience because it gave me a lot of inspiration for a show that I'll be having when I return. The modern architecture of the building is worth seeing alone, but walking around the gardens is a real treat. Offering a wide variety of landscapes, from sheep pastures to splendidly tended gardens, there are no lack of places to sneak a nap in the sun.

Big stupid shovels for big stupid goons.
José Barrias had a fascinating show of objects and ideas.
When I have my show I'd like to use mainly projectors.
There were eerie sounds to compliment this weirdo hallway.
The roses smelled lovely.

After another failed day trip to Guimerães I ventured down to the water in search of a palace but found a linotype machine suspended from a tripod. Intrigued and somewhat informed by my studies in graphic design, I wandered inside the accompanying museum. There a field trip enjoying a printing demonstration, of which I saw a few. I marveled at the linotype behemoths with their keyboards connected to lead melting crucibles and an array of old printing presses.

Their collection and variety of presses was astounding.
Old metal ornaments and wood type!
They had models of seemingly every press ever made.
part of a Linotype's control panel.
Lead melting pot. Don't breathe this.

It's hardly necessary to recommend the Douro River as one of the places to visit in Porto. The river's energy provides a continual source of energy. Specifically I recommend watching the sun sink below the buildings over a dinner and taking a ride on the cable car. The cafes on the Gaia side are much cheaper than Porto, plus have a better view (of Porto). A quick ride up on the funicular is fun also.

Porto has three bridges and two are steel masterpieces.
The third bridge is around the bend.
I imagine going for a boat ride would be pleasant.
Itty bitty boats. Looks like a train set.
I met this dude named Check from Ethiopia.

Produce is cheap in Portugal, especially if you purchase it from a fruitaria or the large daily market (worth a visit). There was one store near the Bolhao bus stop that I bought an entire bag full of fruits for 𔚻.50. Not only are prices cheap but quality is fresh. I recommend trying nespras (similar to an apricot) and these big green melons. When I was there the cherries, strawberries, and everything else were flavorful and amazing.

The fruits in the upper right are nespras.
The super cheap fruitaria by Bolhao bus stop.
The main Porto market is right by where I lived in Bolhao.

"The birthplace of Portugal." A small but historically important city, Guimarães is a cozy place with a castle and cool churches. Although I was only there for a few hours, my favorite experience in Guimarães was walking up the big hill towards the church. I didn't make it all the way because I wanted to be down before dark but the walk was beautiful with lots of nature and interesting architecture.

Guimerães' castle. Built for the first kings.
The hill I climbed. See the tiny church on top?
One of the most intense flowers I've seen. Reminds me of Jumanji.
People were using these big rocks as garages and balconies.
I wouldn't mind living here.

Here's number eleven, I lied. Porto's awesomeness cannot be compressed into ten measly blurbs (however well written). Possibly more so than the river, Port wine needs no introduction. However, I met a traveler who was not familiar with this world famous wine and it was my pleasure to introduce him. This was the first time I experienced Port, and I did so through an excellent tour of Croft and Taylor port houses. After four free samples the tour persuaded me to buy a glass of Taylor's 40 year old Tawny.

Day 196 August 3 2011 - History

Written by Thomas Goering , NCCM USN(RET)
Published: August 11, 2010
Updated: June 17, 2021

It was on, March 13, 1893, that the Navy Department informed the fleet, via U.S. Navy Regulation Circular No. 1, that the Navy’s regulations will contain the classification of “Chief Petty Officer” effective April 1, 1893, and thereby officially establishing the Navy Chief Petty Officer.

Until I am too old to post them, the United States Navy Master Chief, Senior Chief, and Chief Petty Officer results (actual selection, not the board eligible list) will be posted here, each year when they become available.

Results will be delivered to the Member’s command triad (CO, XO, and CMC) via BUPERS Online the day before the NAVADMIN will be released.

Congratulations to all the Navy Chief Petty Officer selects!


  • The complete FY-2022 Active Navy Chief Petty Officer Results (Release TBA).
  • The complete FY-2022 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results (Release TBA).
  • The complete FY-2022 Active Navy Senior Chief Results (Release TBA).
  • The complete FY-2022 Active Navy Master Chief Results (Release TBA).
  • The complete FY-2022 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 131/21.


Selection boards and results delayed due to COVID-19.

  • The complete FY-2021 Active Navy Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN306/20 (PDF).
  • The complete FY-2021 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 280/20.
  • The complete FY-2021 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 256/20.
  • The complete FY-2021 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 255/20.
  • The complete FY-2021 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 111/20.


  • The complete FY-2020 Active Navy Chief Results NAVADMIN 174/19 (PDF).
  • The complete FY-2020 Reserve Chief Petty Officer results NAVADMIN 150/19.
  • The complete FY 2020 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 121/19.
  • The complete FY 2020 Active Navy Master Chief results NAVADMIN 099/19.
  • The complete FY-2020 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief results NAVADMIN 087/19


  • The complete FY-2019 Active Navy Chief Results NAVADMIN 191/18
  • The complete FY-2019 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 161/18
  • The complete FY 2019 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 142/18
  • The complete FY 2019 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 115/18
  • The complete FY-2019 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 098/18


  • The complete FY-2018 Active Navy Chief Results NAVADMIN 188/17 (PDF).
  • The complete FY-2018 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 189/17 (PDF).
  • The complete FY 2018 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 131/17
  • The complete FY 2018 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 204/17.
  • The complete FY-2018 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 092/17


  • The complete FY-2017 Active Navy Chief Results NAVADMIN 173/16 (PDF)
  • The complete FY-2017 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 153/16
  • The complete FY 2017 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 129/16 (PDF)
  • The complete FY 2017 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 095/16
  • The complete FY-2017 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 086/16


  • The complete FY-2016 Active Navy CPO Results NAVADMIN 184/15 (PDF)
  • The complete FY-2016 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 158/15
  • The complete FY 2016 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 132/15
  • The complete FY 2016 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 105/15
  • The complete FY-2016 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 087/15


  • The complete FY-2015 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 148/14
  • The complete FY 2015 Active Navy Chief Results NAVADMIN 178/14 (PDF)
  • The complete FY 2015 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 130/14
  • The complete FY 2015 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 099/14
  • The complete FY-2015 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 083/14


  • The complete FY-2014 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 213/13
  • The complete FY 2014 Active Navy Chief Results (PDF) NAVADMIN 193/13
  • The complete FY 2014 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 164/13
  • The complete FY 2014 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 136/13
  • The complete FY-2014 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 130/13


  • The complete FY-2013 Reserve Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 257/12
  • The complete FY-2013 Active Chief Petty Officer Results NAVADMIN 232/12 (PDF Version)
  • The complete FY 2013 Active Navy Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 192/12
  • The complete FY 2013 Active Navy Master Chief Results NAVADMIN 170/12
  • The complete FY-2013 Navy Reserve Master/Senior Chief Results NAVADMIN 129/12



Previous active duty Chief Petty Officer result release dates:
FY-2001, NAVADMIN 198/00 — 08/04/00 — Tuesday
FY-2002, NAVADMIN 197/01 — 08/03/01 — Friday
FY-2003, NAVADMIN 238/02 — 08/02/02 — Friday
FY-2004, NAVADMIN 218/03 — 08/06/03 — Wednesday
FY-2005, NAVADMIN 173/04 — 07/28/04 — Wednesday
FY-2006, NAVADMIN 183/05 — 07/28/05 — Thursday
FY-2007, NAVADMIN 221/06 — 08/04/06 — Friday
FY-2008, NAVADMIN 196/07 — 08/08/07 — Wednesday
FY-2009, NAVADMIN 213/08 — 08/01/08 — Friday
FY-2010, NAVADMIN 230/09 — 07/31/09 — Friday
FY-2011, NAVADMIN 269/10 — 08/11/10 — Wednesday
FY-2012, NAVADMIN 233/11 — 08/01/11 — Monday
FY-2013, NAVADMIN 232/12 — 07/31/12 — Tuesday
FY-2014, NAVADMIN 193/13 — 08/01/13 — Thursday
FY-2015, NAVADMIN 178/14 — 08/05/14 — Tuesday**
FY-2016, NAVADMIN 184/15 — 08/06/15 — Wednesday**
FY-2017, NAVADMIN 173/16 — 08/02/16 — Tuesday**
FY-2018, NAVADMIN 188/17 — 08/03/17 — Thursday**
FY-2019, NAVADMIN 191/18 — 08/07/18 — Tuesday**
FY-2020, NAVADMIN 174/19 — 08/01/19 — Wednesday**
FY-2021, NAVADMIN 306/20 — 11/18/20 — Wednesday** (COVID Delay)

Previous active duty Senior Chief Petty Officer result release dates:
FY-2001, NAVADMIN 088/00 — 04/06/00 — Thursday
FY-2002, NAVADMIN 081/01 — 04/06/01 — Friday
FY-2003, NAVADMIN 123/02 — 05/01/02 — Wednesday
FY-2004, NAVADMIN 097/03 — 04/25/03 — Friday
FY-2005, NAVADMIN 108/04 — 05/07/04 — Friday
FY-2006, NAVADMIN 114/05 — 05/24/05 — Tuesday
FY-2007, NAVADMIN 135/06 — 05/10/06 — Wednesday
FY-2008, NAVADMIN 130/07 — 05/23/07 — Wednesday
FY-2009, NAVADMIN 134/08 — 05/21/08 — Wednesday
FY-2010, NAVADMIN 163/09 — 05/29/09 — Friday
FY-2011, NAVADMIN 237/10 — 07/16/10 — Friday
FY-2012, NAVADMIN 175/11 — 06/01/11 — Wednesday
FY-2013, NAVADMIN 192/12 — 06/27/12 — Wednesday
FY-2014, NAVADMIN 164/13 — 06/24/13 — Monday
FY-2015, NAVADMIN 130/14 — 06/05/14 — Wednesday**
FY-2016, NAVADMIN 132/15 — 05/28/15 — Thursday**
FY-2017, NAVADMIN 129/16 — 06/01/16 — Wednesday**
FY-2018, NAVADMIN 131/17 — 05/31/17 — Wednesday**
FY-2019, NAVADMIN 142/18 — 06/05/18 — Tuesday**
FY-2020, NAVADMIN 121/19 — 05/30/19 — Tuesday**
FY-2021, NAVADMIN 256/20 — 09/14/20 — Monday** (Delay due to COVID-19)

Previous active duty Master Chief Petty Officer result release dates:
FY-2001, NAVADMIN 046/00 — 03/07/00 — Tuesday
FY-2002, NAVADMIN 059/01 — 03/09/01 — Friday
FY-2003, NAVADMIN 084/02 — 03/29/02 — Friday
FY-2004, NAVADMIN 074/03 — 03/31/03 — Monday
FY-2005, NAVADMIN 082/04 — 04/09/04 — Friday
FY-2006, NAVADMIN 075/05 — 04/19/05 — Tuesday
FY-2007, NAVADMIN 108/06 — 04/19/06 — Wednesday
FY-2008, NAVADMIN 107/07 — 04/26/08 — Thursday
FY-2009, NAVADMIN 116/08 — 04/25/08 — Friday
FY-2010, NAVADMIN 126/09 — 04/27/09 — Monday
FY-2011, NAVADMIN 154/10 — 04/29/10 — Thursday (Original release)
FY-2012, NAVADMIN 155/11 — 05/04/11 — Wednesday
FY-2013, NAVADMIN 170/12 — 05/30/12 — Wednesday
FY-2014, NAVADMIN 136/13 — 05/22/13 — Wednesday
FY-2015, NAVADMIN 099/14 — 05/01/14 — Thursday
FY-2016, NAVADMIN 105/15 — 04/29/15 — Wednesday**
FY-2017, NAVADMIN 095/16 — 04/27/16 — Wednesday**
FY-2018, NAVADMIN 204/17 — 08/23/17 — Wednesday** (Delay due to board issues)
FY-2019, NAVADMIN 115/18 — 05/08/18 — Tuesday**
FY-2020, NAVADMIN 099/19 — 04/30/19 — Tuesday**
FY-2021, NAVADMIN 255/20 — 09/14/20 — Monday** (Delay due to COVID-19)

** The actual date and day of the week the TRIAD was notified. The NAVADMIN is released the following day.

Curious what your basic pay may jump to in 2022? Here is the 2022 military basic pay chart.

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48 Responses to “Navy Chief Results”

This is in reference to all who think (they) know what becoming a Chief is all about. And think that it is a waste of time. I understand your confusion, your looking from the outside in and don’t fully comprehend what these 1st class’ are going thru. Everything, every task had a purpose behind it. Example, when I made Chief, I was doing my duty working in the mess one evening when a Chief asked me to get him a Pepsi. I kindly reminded the chief that the mess only carries coke products. He said, “I want a Pepsi.” At that point I thought that this was an idiot just trying to harass me because I was going thru transition. I ended up getting him his requested Pepsi. It took me a few days to realize that the lesson he was trying to convey is, I have resources that I can depend on to get the Pepsi(or the job done). Now, lets switch that Pepsi for something of more value to the ships mission. Let’s say that I was asked to get this part so the ship can continue it’s mission. What if I had just said, “Sorry Sir, we don’t have that part.” I’m sure I would have been fired, or at the very least, replaced with someone who could get the job done. You see, from the outside it looks like harassment, but in reality, this Chief was teaching without giving me the answer. So, instead of judging without knowing, perhaps you should go thru to process before passing sentence on something you know absolutely about! There will always be people who are disgruntled because they never had the chance to go through this process and will say negative things. But i’m sure if they did go thru it, they would change their minds.

They don’t do chief indoc/hazing anymore new mcpon had bad experience or some crap and canceled everything traditional. Everyone gets codled and treated nicely now, no learning why being a chief means something as a team of leaders just more class training and no coming to realize what you will mean to others as a leader, now you’re just an E7.

I hope you look back and read this reply to your post.

I do not know your background but I hope you were not a Chief. It should be the Mess’s job to support the MCPO in public and not question his leadership/programs in public in front of Junior Sailors.

The Chief’s Mess should represent a united front.

Did you really need some guy to come ask you for a Pepsi for you to realize that when it came time to get down to business and the ship was facing a failed mission that you had BETTER source a part? I am a first up for Chief, and I honestly do not buy for a second that there are some amazing lessons to be learned in “phase 2”, and if there are then why in the world are we not empowering the bluejackets with this knowledge. Perhaps “phase 2” along with the rest of CPO 365 can be put into bootcamp, that way we RAISE our Chiefs, not transition a first… The bottom line here is simple. Don’t use p***y leadership, take care of you sailors, your ship, and your family. Weigh the orders, use creativity, forethought, and common sense and you’ll be a great chief. That’s my .02 though…

Congrats to all new selects.

Im pretty sure you sent this post to me, for my comment I had made. I stand by my post. I love your analogy of the pepsi. But herein the problem lies. You see, in any walk in life, you have to make things work. Does it really take you being selected to chief to learn this? If it did, then you were not a very efficient second or first class. The e7-e9 ranks in the navy are a waist of man power and money. Everything happens at the first and second class level. I do think that the enlisted need representation, but this can be satisfied with one body. A real leader will not be considered a good chief. As a chief, I felt it imperative to know what is going in my division. I tried to lead and help the lpo lead more efficiently. I felt it was my duty to ensure my men was always performing at tge next highest paygrade. I also found it ironic that out of 19 chiefs, it was only myself and two other chiefs that ever fought there men’s evals, awards, soq and soy. Everytime, same three chiefs. We weren’t even thev”good chiefs”. I also ensured that my men were provided all the bibliography study material and two weeks on navy time to study forc advancement. I also ensured that I was available to my men, which prevented me from doing all the “good chief” stuff, I.e cmc luncheons, golf outings, silly chief meetings, etc. The “good chiefs” all are master chiefs now, and us e7’s that kept the boat underway, eitger retired as a e7 or just got out. I will not sell my soul or step on another human, for my own personal gain. Anchors are dead weight. Every chief petty officer would be shell shocked if they actually had to pull there heads out there cmc asses and actually led.

“Chief Petty Officers serve a dual role as both technical experts and as leaders”(Wikipedia)I was always told also that the Chief was the buffer between “junior Enlisted” and Officer ranks. There has been a shift in the identity of the CPO. My perception or reality, you decide. Many serving in the CPO ranks today lack the maturity and/or selflessness to fulfill the purpose of that position. I’ve seen many E6 that were promoted and inducted into the CPO community, and still had no idea of what they were doing or supposed to be doing. I served under several CPOs that would have better served the division by not being there. I was always the expert. the Chief used to ask ME. Most of the time the PO1s were the ones “getting it done.” From my perspective the probably two thirds of the CPO mess was counterproductive. I’ve known some outstanding CPO leaders. I wish I could call them by name. I only wish more were like those few great leaders.

Hmmm. Thanks for the site. Good resource to add to my list. Interesting converstion as well. I see bits of truth throughout or at least I believe I understand the intent/impression each has. I did 8 active (85-93)and saw a much different (from the outside) Initiation. 10 yr break and on my 8th in the reserves now. Made Chief here. I enjoyed my season, learned alot but also believe some lessons I already knew and was a little frustrated convincing the mess. No prob. I also realize one should never ‘assume’ anything and place no blame on their part. It’s a way to find out who can/will be trustworthy to pick up their section of mooring line and pull. Maybe it was due to having the life experiences of 4 adult children, 5 grand, child in coma (almost lost), owning my own business, etc. You know, the heavy trials, tribulations and experience that develop those life/leadership skills. I am a much better Chief/mentor/leader/father/husband now than when I was, or would have been at 26 when I was a shoe in for E7 but left active and didn’t take the final exam. Yes, some make it who probably shouldn’t. Each force has it’s own way of doing business, on all fronts. Some things not necessarily better, just different. The one trend I don’t care for is making the Armed Forces more business/corporate like. We are different. It should stay that way. Our job is to kill people and break things. Ugly but true. We all pray for the best but MUST plan for the worse. Those who would do us harm are watching. Any sign of weakness is an opportunity. I too have served with bro/sis forces and gladly stand arm in arm with them (yes in my khakis) to defend our home from enemies both foreign and, if it comes to it, domestic. See you on the lines. T

Judging from the way you write it is not surprising you had to fight for your sailors on evaluations. I found that often when I wrote an evaluation for my sailors my thoughts and opinions were accurately relayed on paper and therefore my sailors got the rankings/awards they were entitled to. I can see that was not your experience. I am also sure that the reason you stagnated at the “E-7” level (I say that because judging from your post you were anything but a “chief”) is due to the fact that you did not learn how to be a unified team and that is one of the tenets of a chief’s mess. Sorry that you were so disappointed in how your career turned out and hope that in civilian life you are not as short sided as you were in the military. Carry on and dismissed.

AZCM…you are spot on. ETC(RET) sounds very disgruntle. First…First Classes that are successful in their rate are selected to Chief because of their “potential” to be successful Chief Petty Officers. With that said…not all First Classes reach that potential but often times most do. Your comment that “E7-E9” are a waist of manpower and money is borderline offensive but more importantly inaccurate. I suggest you research the purpose and function of each paygrade. The role of a Chief at each level varies. My role is not a buffer…I am a leader, manager and mentor. Chiefs are “charged” with the personal and professional development of junior enlisted and junior officers alike…for starters. JOs don’t have a clue what to do…that’s why I am there! While I drive my Sailors to execute mission objectives…I am teaching JOs intangible leadership qualities that they will hold fast until the day they become Commanding Officers. I teach JOs teamwork by their observance of Chiefs interacting and getting stuff done through the Mess. That’s why they respect us. Even a Chief requires mentorship…who will give it to him? I know…the Senior and/or Master Chief. I am not sure what experience you had to make you say, Chiefs need to pull their heads out of the CMC’s butt. The CMC is the principle advisor to the CO and the leader of our Mess. Our loyalty is to him. And we use every resource within our reach to execute his lawful directives. That unified approach earns the complete trust and confidence of our CO. During “our” pinning ceremony the CPO Creed is read…it is our oath/commitment to all the things I have said and even more. Remember what you are a part of and that someone saw that same “potential” in you. Thanks!

All the Chiefs, enjoy it while it lasts. The reality will soon sets in when you do retired. This is where you wake up one day and realized that you are in the real world where you have to listen to someone half your age. Try saying you are a “Chief in the USN” and see the reactions received. What you do in the military means “NOTHING” out here in the real world.

Wow! There is a lot of hate for the CPO Mess.

PHD, I am sure that Navy Chiefs are educated enough to understand that when they “are in the real world” (as if the world we currently live in is make believe…pffft), they will have to answer to people half their age…oh, wait…most junior officers are half their age. Perhaps more research should be done on your part.

As for the rest of the haters who are unhappy with the paths you have chosen in life, grow up! Instead of losing sleep over how much you hate the CPO Mess, be happy for those who do get selected, and congratulate them. After that, I promise, you can return to your sad, pathetic, unhappy world you all call a life. Peace out, HATERS! (drops mic on stage)

Jim, Truth Revealed, Jim2, jimsgotapoint,

I understand your guys view points, but I understand the view points of everyone else in here as well. Please keep in mind I’m not bashing any person, or service. A few things to keep in mind are:

1- The Marines are Department of the Navy, so if they’re training pipeline for senior enlisted is so good, then why hasn’t it been adapted by the rest of the military structure? That’s right, we keep pulling from the Navy to fill Army and Marine gaps because you have force deficiencies, probably due to leadership oversight…IA’s?

2- I’ve worked with EVERY, EVERY branch of the military in 5 combat deployments and 2 shipboard underway periods, leaders are neither made through some sort of academy taught through PowerPoint, nor are they forged in a six week transition. Leadership is a quality that you have or you don’t. Certainly leadership traits can be learned, but true leadership can not be taught. I’ve had more respect for some Army Sgt’s, Marine Cpl’s and Navy SN than I have for some E-7 and above in any branch of service. In fact I’ve probably lost more good friends that aren’t CPOs, junior personnel (by definition) and were phenomenal leaders, than CPOs I’ve actually considered a true close friend. To that end I say those men are true leaders.

3- If traditions are childish/foolish/hazing, etc. Then why do you even care to write about it? Certainly from you well thought out responses you’re subject matter experts on the Navy CPO Mess, so just leave us “unintelligent” people to our ways.

4- I’m anxiously awaiting the FY-16 SCPO results. So maybe I am another wheel in the cog, but at least I know that I am a man, I am a warrior, and I am a leader.

I am waiting for this year’s E7 results, and I’ve been hearing that the results will come out this Thursday 7/30/15. But I saw that you posted that it will release on 8/5/15. May I ask what source did you get your info from? I just want to know so I can put my mind at ease. Thank you.

All Hands magazine published it on Facebook. Here is what they published:

Chief Results Published Next Week
From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs Office
WASHINGTON – Names of Sailors selected to advance to chief by the fiscal year 2016 E-7 selection board are scheduled to be posted to commands’ BUPERS Online (BOL) accounts Wednesday, Aug. 5, with public release via NAVADMIN Thursday, Aug. 6 at 11:00 a.m. eastern time.
Approximately 4,100 quotas were announced in June with an overall advancement opportunity of 23.64 percent for this cycle, just a .45 point drop from last cycle and above the 10-year average of 21.94 percent.
The selection board is not required to fill all quotas only the best and most fully qualified candidates are selected for advancement to chief.
Because the Navy advances to vacancies, opportunity varies by rating, though advancement planners work to smooth overall opportunity across cycles.

This is a message for Jim who posted on July 7, 2011. Sorry for the late response however, your post would have been better if you had a CHIEF review it prior to your posting. Enlisted is spelled with an “E”, not an “I”. If that is the type of education the Marine Corps provides to its senior enlisted, maybe it would be better for them to adopt a transition period similar to the CPO transition. As a CHIEF, who has served with the Marines, I can tell you that there is a big difference between a CPO and a Gunny. Our transition period is not just silly games. It develops the future Chiefs into being great leaders. It makes them think outside the box, always find a way to prevail, utilize their network, learn the skills to mentor Junior Officers and Junior Enlisted, and develop thick skin to make good decisions even while under extreme pressure/stress. There is no doubt that the MC has great leaders, but they could all learn something by going through the CPO transition. Many have done it, and I recommend you give it a try before you speak about something you do not understand.

stan is an IDIOT…replying to someone 5 years after the fact as if he will ever see your post.

When do you think this years cycle 230 CPO results will be out ?

They will be released to the TRIAD on Wednesday, Aug. 3rd is my guess.

Just curious as to your source and the accuracy of the info stating the results will be released to the triad on 8/02/16?

All Hands magazine made a one line post about it on Facebook same thing they did last year. To TRIAD tomorrow, and the NAVADMIN will come out on Wednesday at 1100EST.

I transferred to the Fleet Reserve as of 30 June 1999 as an E-7/Chief Petty Officer. I was an OSC(SW/AW) with over 25 years of service when I decided to bail out. I had consistently 4.0 evals up until the introduction of the new evaluation system in 1996-97, and then I was suddenly only “promotable.” I had a good mix of sea and shore tours, including 5 years in Naval Aviation in the P-3 community. I volunteered for every collateral duty available at each command, excelled as a leader of my divisions, earned an Associates Degree in General Science and earned both the Surface and Air Warfare enlisted specialty pins, as well as at least 4 NAMS and 2old Navy Commendation Medals. On my last command/ship the Operations Officer told me he could only give out one early promote recommendation for the group of 5 chief petty officers in Ops, although I was the only OS Chief, and carried out the entire deployment without a senior chief petty officer in our division, and I was the senior of all 5 chiefs in Ops. Seems I got screwed.

Hello! I was wondering how you got your information that the results will be released to the TRIAD on August 3?

Any idea on when fy19 active duty results come out?

I have not heard a date announced as of yet. If recent history is a guide, I would guess next Thursday or the following Tuesday.

Alter Everything

Day 196: We're Not Going To Take It

It's a bird. It's a plane. No.  It's a bunch of Lyme patients and we're pissed off and ready to rumble. For three weeks, we've sat, we've waited, we've agonized as our new "IV" nurse struggled to learn the art of clean/painless insertions.

I think I was the first victim. To be clear, I'm not the easiest stick (small veins), but this was completely unbearable.

Stick #1
(nurse) Well, that didn't work.

Stick #2
(nurse) Boy, you're tricky.

Stick #3
(nurse) Hmmm. let's try it this way.

Stick #4
(me..screaming) GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT. (As she punctured my vein and the IV hose squirted all over everything. including inside me).

Victim #2--Cindy 
Victim #3--Lori
Victim #4--Lauren

Like lambs going to slaughter, we all watch in horror as she heads in our direction (Note: she won't touch me again since I freaked out, but I've seen others suffer and I am on a mission to save them).

Tonight. a plan is cooking to a) Find a guy who knows a guy (insert shrug and Brooklyn accent here) or b) Launch a massive complaint effort with the doctor tomorrow (since I am not violent, I will probably go this route, but there's no telling. wink, wink).

Wish us luck!!

Altered Today: Plans for a painless IV future, hair color, dinner (Note: I ate non organic AND a piece of bread today. holy camole. cheating on my diet, not napping, craving things, feeling scrappy, singing in the shower. Is it true? I really am starting to feel better).

Tags: Bad IV experience, Chronic Illness, Chronic Lyme, IV treatment, Ousting a bad nurse, Recovery, Rocephin treatment


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Where is Lindsay? She was a good iv nurse

She's the BEST IV nurse, but they are trying to train someone else because she is going down to two days a week. It's a NIGHTMARE.

I am so happy you are feeling better! You deserve it so much after the Hell you've been through these past 10 months. You give me hope! Thanks for paving the way, my friend. Good luck tomorrow! Love you scrappy! :)

Hope. Hope. And more hope. It's fun to feel nice for a bit. We went to Texas De Brazil tonight, I got my hair done today, and I've had several long days in a row. It's AMAZING. Hope it lasts. :)

HAH holy camole! Wait, what's a "camole"?
Thrilled to hear you are singing in the shower.
JEALOUS Lisa's now heard you sing and I haven't.
The IV nurse sounds like a space cadet - I hope she figures it out - tricky veins or not!

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What do you get when you combine a creative, Type A personality with Chronic Lyme Disease? A choice: A) Be swallowed whole or B) Reinvent yourself--daily. Alter Everything is my quest to respect "A" and embrace "B" as much as possible. Here, I recount my daily adventures in pursuit of an altered life.
–Kathy Tagudin

Day 196: Breaking Up, Getting Back Together and 20 MG Cipralex

My dear friends, first of all I want to thank you all again for your comments and emails,
I read them all and they make me smile and get more energy to keep posting and telling you all how I am, I'm happy that we help each other and that you help other people in the comments - I notice that and I appreciate it.

Now for some updates, You must be wondering what I've been up to.
Well I had some rough times with my girl friend, and we broke up for like a week, its seems like we were together for years. and its just three months, I'm happy I haven't told her anything about cipralex, its not the right time, and its pointless to share it with someone you're not 100% sure she's gona stick around.

Anyways, the day we broke up I had a meeting with my shrink, I haven't planned that, but this is what happened, so I went to the meeting, he said I look sad. I told him its because I just broke up with my girlfriend and that i'm still feeling better than before. never the less he said he want us to increase the dosage to 20 MG. after a while. of talking. I said OK.

So now i'm 20 MG, there's a difference, and a few days after the meeting my x girlfriend
want to get back together. I'm a bit confused but i'm doing ok.

I haven't had any side effects for a while now and I'm aint scared of anything, No panic attacks and nothing like that.

Day 196 August 3 2011 - History

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Hello everyone, this is our nutrition and health forum which will be updated each Tuesday with timely nutrition and health topics as well as information regarding new and effective new products. See our Calendar for upcoming topics. You can also search for a topic here! Please note: The topics and articles posted here are the opinion of the author, Taryn DeCicco, ND, LDN, LAc, and the property of Taryn DeCicco and Apple-A-Day INC. and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or ameliorate any heath disorder or serve as a subsitute for qualified medical care.

Day 196 August 3 2011 - History

Your browser doesn't support TLS 1.2 protocol. So secure pages of this site will not work. Please update your browser to the latest version.

Hello everyone, this is our nutrition and health forum which will be updated each Tuesday with timely nutrition and health topics as well as information regarding new and effective new products. See our Calendar for upcoming topics. You can also search for a topic here! Please note: The topics and articles posted here are the opinion of the author, Taryn DeCicco, ND, LDN, LAc, and the property of Taryn DeCicco and Apple-A-Day INC. and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or ameliorate any heath disorder or serve as a subsitute for qualified medical care.

Day 196 -- Saint Joseph

Today we celebrate the feast day of one of my favorite saints. Saint Joseph . He has been an integral part of my life. attending Saint Joseph Parish, Saint Joseph School, and Saint Joseph College. He is the model of what a good man and father should be.

He is the descendant of the house of David. He was carpenter by trade and Jesus followed in his footsteps. There are no words recorded of him in Scripture. He was a quiet man. He was the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and adoptive father of Jesus Christ. He received visions from God to reveal God's plan for all of humanity. Saint Joseph is noted for his willingness to get up immediately and follow what God told him to do. His name means "whom the Lord adds."

Saint Joseph is the patron of many things, but the one that I learned today and which will help me and I will pray to him for is "against doubt and hesitation."

Prayer to Saint Joseph
Blessed Joseph, husband of Mary, be with us this day. You protected and cherished the Virgin loving the Child Jesus as your Son, you rescued Him from the danger of death. Defend the Church, the household of God, purchased by the blood of Christ. Guardian of the Holy Family, be with us in our trials. May your prayers obtain for us the strength to flee from error and wrestle with the powers of corruption so that in life we may grow in holiness and in death rejoice in the crown of victory. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Whole Church
O Glorious Saint Joseph, you were chosen by God to be the foster father of Jesus, the most pure spouse of Mary, ever Virgin, and the head of the Holy Family. You have been chosen by Christ's Vicar as the heavenly Patron and Protector of the Church founded by Christ. Protect the Sovereign Pontiff and all bishops and priests united with him. Be the protector of all who labor for souls amid the trials and tribulations of this life and grant that all peoples of the world may be docile to the Church without which there is no salvation. Dear Saint Joseph, accept the offering I make to you. Be my father, protector, and guide in the way of salvation. Obtain for me purity of heart and a love for the spiritual life. After you example, let all my actions be directed to the greater glory of God, in union with the Divine Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and your own paternal heart. Finally, pray for me that I may share in the peace and joy of your holy death. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Joseph
O Blessed Saint Joseph, faithful guardian and protector of virgins, to whom God entrusted Jesus and Mary, I implore you by the love which you did bear them, to preserve me from every defilement of soul and body, that I may always serve them in holiness and purity of love. Amen.

Prayer to Know One's Vocation
O Great Saint Joseph, you were completely obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Obtain for me the grace to know the state of life that God in his providence has chosen for me. Since my happiness on earth, and perhaps even my final happiness in heaven, depends on this choice, let me not be deceived in making it. Obtain for me the light to know God's Will, to carry it out faithfully, and to choose the vocation which will lead me to a happy eternity.

Prayer to Saint Joseph for Protection
Gracious Saint Joseph, protect me and my family from all evil as you did the Holy Family. Kindly keep us ever united in the love of Christ, ever fervent in imitation of the virtue of our Blessed Lady, your sinless spouse, and always faithful in devotion to you. Amen.

"A spirituality must be lived that will help believers to sanctify themselves through their work, imitating St. Joseph, who every day had to provide for the needs of the Holy Family with his hands…. Contemplating this great saint, may Christians learn to witness in all labor realms the love of Christ , source of true solidarity and stable peace." - Pope Benedict XVI

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Raw data for these calculations comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics ' Consumer Price Index (CPI), established in 1913. Inflation data from 1665 to 1912 is sourced from a historical study conducted by political science professor Robert Sahr at Oregon State University.

You may use the following MLA citation for this page: “Value of 2011 dollars today | Inflation Calculator.” Official Inflation Data, Alioth Finance, 10 Jun. 2021,

Special thanks to QuickChart for their chart image API, which is used for chart downloads. is a reference website maintained by the Official Data Foundation.

About the author

Ian Webster is an engineer and data expert based in San Mateo, California. He has worked for Google, NASA, and consulted for governments around the world on data pipelines and data analysis. Disappointed by the lack of clear resources on the impacts of inflation on economic indicators, Ian believes this website serves as a valuable public tool. Ian earned his degree in Computer Science from Dartmouth College.

6 thoughts on &ldquo Day 196 Queens Lane &rdquo

These are gorgeous…love getting shots of old buildings.

Thank you, Oxford is full of them. Sometimes I feel like that it all I get shots of Haha. Oh well, thank you for stopping by.

I love Oxford. Especially in winter and around Christmas when it is lit up and feels so quaint. Great photos of a spot I never saw!

Thank you! If you ever make it back, I would suggest you take a stroll down Queen’s Lane, it is by far my favorite street in Oxford.

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